Monday, March 5, 2012

The BIG picture.

As a Mommy and wife, business owner, nanny to a two year old and self proclaimed DIY girls. I have fallen into a little trap. Over the weekend I had a real heart to heart with myself and had to remind myself of a few things. Why did I start this crazy reorganizing thing and home redo? I think I have gotten to the point that I have overlooking the fact that I started this to get organized! It wasn't about redoing a million things, but about making my house more livable for my family. With that being said I am doing to a few things to get back on task and re-prioritize. I'm making a list! I am debating on if I will post it or not but we'll see. It will include all things I want and need to get done that I can cross out one by one. While I have no plan to stop redoing the house I do need to remember that if the front of the cabinet, drawer, etc looks nice the crap shoved into it that is hidden needs to be taken care of too. 
With that being said here is my kitchen cabinet that was supposed to get cleaned back in January when we made the VIP station. We love the VIP station and use it daily. We added a weekend calendar to it and a grocery list. The files are awesome and it keeps the counter clutter free. So here is that picture. Lets look at the problems, not just the mess. We have out waffle maker, blender, sandwich maker, and things we rarely use up high and taking over the space. Not the best use of space. 
How many of us have one of these cabinets that has no end? Can anyone's human arm reach back to that corner? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the blender and other kitchen tools down here and the tupperware that we use daily up high in eye view? 
I started by pulling everything out of the cabinet. Ha, I thought I was running low on tupperware. Nope, just couldn't see it back there. I put all the lids with the correct bases and threw old gross stuff away.  Moves the kitchen tools down to this space. Easy to grab once a month when we need them. We organized all the tupperware and moved it to the upper cabinet. The after pic is all the way at the bottom. I have no idea what it won't let me move it up but it's below my new laundry room doors that finally arrived. I am excited to be able to find the tupperware when we have leftovers. So much easier. 

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