Friday, April 27, 2012

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball

I haven't forgotten you guys, I promise. Sometime life throws us a curve ball just when we think we have it all figured out. I was diagnosed with a medical condition not to long ago that has cause life to change a bit. I am fine but things I thought I would have the whole summer to tackle will be put on hold a bit. I am having to finish up some projects I am working on in order to take a 6 week break this summer. No painting, faucets, remodels, stairs, nothing for 6 weeks, maybe longer. I am not a fan of being told I can't do something but this time I am really listening to my Dr. and taking a life break for at least 6 weeks is what is in order.
 What does this mean? Well I have a list a mile long to get done before I have a procedure done that will knock me off kilter for a bit. I may post more details later as to what's going on but know this...I am not getting a breast reduction or tummy tuck. Yes, I got a few emails wondering. So look for some projects to get finished up that we are working on and hopefully we will get the stairs done before I can't use a power tool for a bit.
Thanks everyone, I wouldn't want you to think I quit on you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Giving furniture new life

We have a fun piece of furniture in our house we affectionately call the "ghetto dresser". It has been in one room or another (the garage) for the last 15 years. We call it a dresser but it's actually a commode or chamber pot. If you don't know what that is it is a little cabinet that they used before they had indoor plumbing. There was a little pot that went in the bottom part of it that you would use as a toilet at night and hide in the cute little dresser. Gross but kind of historic/cool.  I got it from my grandma after she passed away and at one time it also belonged to my mom. It has been in the same state for the last 20 years of being half refinished and kind of falling apart, hence ghetto dresser.
We use the ghetto dresser as out TV stand in out main living room. We thought about buying something new but I figured I could use some leftover paint from the dresser to spruce it up. If it didn't turn out that was ok because it had seen better days. Well it turned out awesome. We threw on some paint, new handles and where the doors used to be that had fallen off added a cute little curtain. I made two curtains because I can't decide which I like better. The whole project took 1 1/2 hours from start to finish since it was a nice warm day and total cost was under $10.

I also hit up Marshall's a few days ago and they were having a huge clearance sale to get ready for summer. I got the cutest little picture for under $3 a piece with the lowest price on being .59. A few nails and I have a cute little hallway art collection for around $12. Love it! and even more fun because they have bee's on them. I have a little thing for bee's.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New faucet

I woke up this morning and in the process of making lunches for the kids I broke the kitchen faucet. Boo! We were planning on replacing it but not yet. No handle means no dishes, I was ok with that but I had a feeling the family might not be. This also gave me the chance to get the silver out and bring in more bronze. Yay! 
A few things about changing a faucet
1. if you have boobs, under the sink isn't the easiest place to fit. I am just saying. 
2. Be prepared to get wet and dirty. Under the sink is gross. 
3. Boobs, wet and dirty all in one post, this isn't sounding like a kid friendly post. Hmm!
So after 2 trips to the store on a super rainy day here is the new sink! 
The only problem was the light fixtures in the room didn't match anymore. A can of spray paint (Rustolium of course) and the old light fixtures are given new life. 
The only problem we came across was an extra hole in the sink. The second trip to Home Depot was to get this nifty sink hole cover. It was white but a little spray paint and she's all matchy matchy. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The new to us dresser hutch all dolled up

After a little dry time it was time to get my new dresser/ hutch all cutsied up. A runner, an antique tea pot, an egg basket and little paper mâché eggs, a cheap mirror and she is the star of the show.
We added another runner to the table and a basket to hold silverware, salt and pepper and napkins. The table is going to either get a makeover or be replaced soon and I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A new to us dresser redo

One of our good friends was moving last weekend and was getting rid of this fantastic piece. Anyone who knows me knows I had to bring it home. It was exactly what I had been looking for to use as a hutch in our dining room. The color wasn't right but the style and curve was perfect.
It even has the coolest old wrapping paper as drawer liners. Oh ya, it's staying.
Amazing transformation!

A few coats of white paint for the whole thing and a pretty chocolate brown on the top, 6 - $1.29 knobs and she is amazing. I LOVE her. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The teen bedroom

Part of getting my teen son to help me paint the tall parts of my room was promising him that we would paint his room next. He is at an age where I want him to be able to help create his space but at the same time not drive me insane when I walk by.
We went and got a ton of paint chips and we narrowed it down to a light gray. We bought a sample to make sure we liked it and painted a small part of his room. He is sold on the color and I am just glad to have the periwinkle blue gone and a light color in.
He wants a gaming room with Minecraft posters. It is a video game is has been playing for over a year and he loves. I started today by cleaning out his room, taking down the duct taped posters and post it notes off the wall. Our neighbor gave me two night stands which have seen better days but Garrett wants to help paint them black so I am in. He has a few odd requests like a lava lamp but as long as it isn't cluttered looking I am cool with it. So look for pictures soon of his room. I told him he had to wait until this summer to paint but knowing me it will be don in the next few months.
In other news I took today off of house project to do something much more important. I had my first mammogram. Nothing big but early detection is key so I am starting a little young. It's funny how I never think of breast cancer ever especially in my life but having this done and waiting for the results is scary. Knowing that in a few weeks my life can change is an odd and scary feeling. The good thing is I am young and getting tests done early so if there is anything it can't be to bad but like I said it is a little scary. So if you happen to think of me say a little prayer:)
See ya tomorrow!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Master Bedroom makeover

Saturday night at 5:30pm I decided the I had to paint the master bedroom. I have issues and got up and by 8pm the bottom half of my room was tan. Here is the before of our bedroom

Nothing fancy. It looked tired and thrown together to me. We have beautiful, big dark furniture and I felt the between the big furniture, the dark walls and dark curtains the room was closing in on me. Ahhh, it had to go.
Once I painted the bottom half of the room the Manchester tan we are using through the house I realized that the top half of our room was the builders white which is more a yellow tan and not white at all. It had to be painted. Off to Lowes I went. It took 2 gallons of paint and 3 layers because the room had never been painted. It was primed but had never been painted. It sucked that paint up like a sponge. Anyways it took all weekend but our room is done and it looks amazing! The furniture stands out instead of hiding in the walls. The room looks light, airy, romantic and cute. I am thrilled with just what paint can do.