Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The teen bedroom

Part of getting my teen son to help me paint the tall parts of my room was promising him that we would paint his room next. He is at an age where I want him to be able to help create his space but at the same time not drive me insane when I walk by.
We went and got a ton of paint chips and we narrowed it down to a light gray. We bought a sample to make sure we liked it and painted a small part of his room. He is sold on the color and I am just glad to have the periwinkle blue gone and a light color in.
He wants a gaming room with Minecraft posters. It is a video game is has been playing for over a year and he loves. I started today by cleaning out his room, taking down the duct taped posters and post it notes off the wall. Our neighbor gave me two night stands which have seen better days but Garrett wants to help paint them black so I am in. He has a few odd requests like a lava lamp but as long as it isn't cluttered looking I am cool with it. So look for pictures soon of his room. I told him he had to wait until this summer to paint but knowing me it will be don in the next few months.
In other news I took today off of house project to do something much more important. I had my first mammogram. Nothing big but early detection is key so I am starting a little young. It's funny how I never think of breast cancer ever especially in my life but having this done and waiting for the results is scary. Knowing that in a few weeks my life can change is an odd and scary feeling. The good thing is I am young and getting tests done early so if there is anything it can't be to bad but like I said it is a little scary. So if you happen to think of me say a little prayer:)
See ya tomorrow!

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