Monday, April 2, 2012

Master Bedroom makeover

Saturday night at 5:30pm I decided the I had to paint the master bedroom. I have issues and got up and by 8pm the bottom half of my room was tan. Here is the before of our bedroom

Nothing fancy. It looked tired and thrown together to me. We have beautiful, big dark furniture and I felt the between the big furniture, the dark walls and dark curtains the room was closing in on me. Ahhh, it had to go.
Once I painted the bottom half of the room the Manchester tan we are using through the house I realized that the top half of our room was the builders white which is more a yellow tan and not white at all. It had to be painted. Off to Lowes I went. It took 2 gallons of paint and 3 layers because the room had never been painted. It was primed but had never been painted. It sucked that paint up like a sponge. Anyways it took all weekend but our room is done and it looks amazing! The furniture stands out instead of hiding in the walls. The room looks light, airy, romantic and cute. I am thrilled with just what paint can do.

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