Saturday, March 31, 2012

My room and a fun little project I just had to do

I saw the cutest diy mugs in a kitchen reveal over at the tutorial is here Aren't they cute hanging in the kitchen? I fell in love. Also, isn't her kitchen amazing. The things that can be done with a little paint. Even her counters are painted Formica. If you have a chance to look around her blog there are some cute projects. Anyways, the store only had two mugs but I plan to buy 3 more (5 total for all 5 of us) when they get more and are on sale. I put some hooks into the bottom of the cabinet and love the way it looks. The paper towel holder is moving or leaving when I get more mugs. Love!!! Plus they hold like a gallon of coffee, double love. 

I did a few more little things to my bedroom to brighten it up and show it some love. I re framed our wedding picture since it was in a frame with broken glass. I used a paint market to write "grow old with me,,,the best is yet to come"
I added a little shelf to the wall with pics of the boys and a few special trinkets I love. My Mom bought the quilt angel for me like 25 years ago and she has been somewhere in my bedroom ever since. I also added a little angel picture on the shelf that used to be in my grandmothers home before she passed. It's the little things that make me smile. 
I painted the matt's on the pictures so they would stand out more. 
I added this cute little fabric bag to the back of the door as a dry cleaning bag. I can grab the bag and take it with me. 
I love the natural light but man it makes it hard to take pictures. 
We added this cute little bench. I have plans to paint it and we are waiting to see it is will stay. I put it down and promptly kicked it 1 minute later since I wasn't used to it there. 
Last little project I did was wrap 2 books in paper and add them to the stair table. It needed something and books seemed cute and free. So these were my Friday projects. 

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