Friday, March 23, 2012

Little details.

I added a few new signs to the boys bathroom so I can officially call it done! I decorated without closing the door. It seems so simple but once I closed the door there was a big bald spot on the wall. A new sign and all fixed.
We also added a license plate with our last name above the door. Some adhesive, an old board and some letters I got On etsy and a cool little detail.
Last I hung the botanical prints in our bedroom. I was debating between a few areas for them but the bedroom won (for now) I don't really have a good wall in my dining room and the area on the stairs I wanted to add them ended up having a wall behind it that I couldn't nail into. It's like a bolder or metal sheet. I have no idea but it ruined my plan a little. Oh well, roll with the punches. So here is my bedroom before and after. So much better.

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