Friday, March 16, 2012

Boys bathroom final reveal

Can I just tell you that I am in LOVE!!! We have three boys ages 6 to 14. I wanted something boyish but not kidish. The boys also added that they wanted green and teal towels. No pressure Mom but we might not love you if we don't get our towel color. It was hard to come up with a theme the used the room color and the kids requests but we did and I think it is amazing. Let me remind you of the before picture of the room.
We started by adding board and batten to the walls. I googled board and batten and using a few tutorials decided just to go for it. I had MDF in the garage and enough for the entire project (score) I had all of the tools on hand. It took about 3 evenings with paint, dry time, and adding caulking to the boards but I love the result. I decided to use the paint that I had on hand that was leftover from out master bath redo. We added knobs and hinges to the vanity after we painted it. The knobs and stuff were leftover from the master vanity project as well. I think in the entire redo all we bought was caulking. I also used Rustolium spray paint to change our light fixtures and light switch covers to oil rubbed bronze. Can you tell they are plastic? 
 Since I was really careful on cost during the process I went a little nuts on decorations. After the white shower curtain came home I decided that I would look at fabric to make my own shower curtain. Since there is a liner behind it the back can look a little gross and nobody is going to see it. I found the PERFECT fabric at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale and I went for it. I bought 4 yards of fabric. I cut it in half so I had two piles of 2 yards each. I sewed the two pieces together and added a seam around the edge so it wouldn't fray. I got the perfect shower curtain and it looks awesome. 
For the decor Hobby Lobby to the rescue. Every single thing in the room was on sale for 50% off. I got the towels and rug at Target, also on sale and clearance. The entire room with decor, towels, hooks for the towels, EVERYTHING was $80. How awesome is that? I have a model home look for next to nothing. So here are all the pics. If there are tutorials for any of the project you want to see let me know. 

I am infatuated with the final look. 

Piggy bank gas pump makes a cute display on the vanity 

Just because I know the boys will love it. 

Spray painted light fixture

The signs were under $7 each and we love the hooks for the towels instead of a bar. 

New toilet paper holder, Thanks to My MIL and the framed out mirror

New knobs and hinges

Each boy got a fun colored towel so we can tell who left theirs on the floor:)

Letter holder makes a cute towel display. 

plastic covers spray painted. 


  1. I love your bathroom makeover Ali! Totally updated with great clean lines! I'm sure you'll get featured next week! Stopping by from Tuesday's Treasures.

    1. Thanks so much Pam. We love it. We have a few more things up our sleeve but just little decor things. Thanks again!

    2. It looks wonderful, the boys must love it! Thnaks for linking up.