Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bye bye brass fireplace

As a 1980's homeowner I have the most amazing (not) brass fireplace. Isn't she a beauty? The best part about my brass fireplace is that for $10 I can change it! yup, you can jump into the 2000's in about 30 minutes. My apologize for the picture being dark today. It is raining in Sunny California today and pics are not the best idea on dark days.
Miracle product. If you have friends with the same problem go in together on the paint. I would guess there is enough to do about 100 houses in this can.  I taped off the edge using blue painters tape and just brushed it on the entire area that I wanted black. The product is oil based (I think) because it won't clean with water. Use baby wipes to catch the drips and 409 to get it off of your hands. It took about 30 min. for me to do the entire project with cleanup time.
close up of her lovely ness Before

Close up after

What I love the most is not that you notice the change but that you don't notice the brass blinging at you when it catches the light.
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