Monday, March 26, 2012

Clubhouse for the boys

Do you have a boring old closet under your stairs? We do or should I say did.....
Give me a hammer and you never know what I will do. I found old fast food bags, cigarette butts, builders packaging, and just gross dust. It must have rained while they were building our house because the floor had a layer of old mud. It took about 2 hours just to clean, vacuum, mop and add paneling to cover the exposed wires and outlet boxes but the kids are already loving the result. We have more plans for it but all the stuff we did today was free!

All of the white walls are the paneling I had to add to cover the wires. The kids added a toy box, some favorite stuffed animals and blankets and pillows for now. They think it will be the best place ever to play their video games.
Still some work to do like I said but this is the closet now. Pj picked the fabric out of my old stash and put of the letters. I was hoping to make the door a little taller but we had to add a 2x4 and the clubhouse sign to cover an electrical wire. It is 100% safe and there isn't even a nail you can catch on.
A little curtain that they can open and close
The door has a panel they can open or close too.
They have been hanging out in it (all three of them) for a better part of this afternoon. If they get tired of it we can use it for seasonal storage so no harm no foul. 

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