Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini table redo

I was shopping at Michael's back in early February and saw this sad little table. I put it in the cart and took it back out because even though it was a great deal at $9.99 I had no real place for it. We have been doing a little work on our stair landing and one of the things on our wish list was a little table that would fit without being very large. I thought of the tiny table but thought there was no way it would still be there. Well, it was but it was in rough shape. For $5 I figured if it was beyond repair I was only out $5. Here is the before. 
A few new screws since the old ones were stripped out and one coat of white paint, already better. I decided to distress the little guy a little to give it that farmhouse look that I love. 
I painted a small section with a tiny brush. While it was still wet I used my wet finger to rub the paint around and give it a worn look like above. It took all of 10 minutes to do the whole table. If I didn't like it I could always paint back over it again. It turned out cute! Threw a little pitcher and some flowers I had in the garage, done. I also added the framed pictures above it. I got the prints on ebay for $4 for 3. Add cheap Michael's frames and a painted matt on the edge and I have a cute little landing on my stairs. Keep in mind we are still saving to redo the stairs so their will be hard wood and baseboards in the area really soon. Isn't it cute?

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