Friday, March 30, 2012

Window treatments

New window treatments! This was not a planned event but yesterday I decided to take down the burgundy blackout curtains in our room to wash them. Once they were down I decided they were not going back up. They just look drab and there. I have never loved them but we got the whole thing done for cheap and it worked at the time. 
I took some old twin flat sheets in white out of the linen closet. We never used them and they were clean and there. I folded them in half and draped them over the bar. The edges are already finished so no sewing, bonus!
I took some white ribbon (2 yards each bow) and wrapped it over the bar, bunched the fabric and ties a pretty bow. like this
Did the bows here and there until I liked the spacing and done! Super easy and I love them. 
Look at all the natural light that stream in my room. So bright and cheery. 

Even at dusk the room is bright and airy. 
Wanna know the best part? Here are the curtains I loved from Pottery barn but at $59 each there was no way I could afford 5 of them. 
I am still going to sew a rod pocket at the top like in the Pottery barn version but for now they are up and we like them. Now bad, right?

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