Sunday, March 25, 2012

My work area

Back in January I redid my work area. You can see the pics and details here As much as I loved the crib on the wall and some of the "cute" details they just didn't work with a home business that needs to have really good organization and function. 
I needed to take some time to get my office/studio organized in a way that would be long tern instead of another quick fix and another post on the block about my work area in a few months. My husband and I came up with some ideas that we thought would work and got to it. 
I started yesterday morning sorting through all of the books of paper that I had and coming up with ways to organize the items I use all the time and make them easier to get to. I also wanted a way to store block set themes in a way that all the stuff I need to make a set of blocks is in one area instead of digging through all the paper boxes each time I need something. 
I sorted through all my paper (4 hours of sorting) and got my plan together. I decided to put each theme in a ziplock. I went to Lowes and spent $9 and got a big piece of pegboard. Add some hooks and the themes that I use all the time and easy to get to. 
My husband built me a little shelf for the back of my work area that we added baby food jars full of buttons to and not my buttons are right there when I need them. Cute clothes pins hot glued on the pegboard and shelf and we were in business. I think it took 8 hours to get it all built, painted organized and pretty but so worth it when I am able to find everything I need. Plus I purged all the old papers and paints, etc that I can't use or hated.
I am excited to see if the ziplocks hold up and work the way I am hoping. The shelf and pegboard makes tons more work space for me since things are up off the table. My office feels more permanent vs. feeling like some folding tables in our formal living room. 
The shelf my hubby built. 
organized solid papers
buttons all organized
Organized computer area and pegboard
pattern papers all organized by color, printer and order info on a shelf and all my supplies  organized again. 
Each theme block set is in it's own bag hung on the pegboard, ready to be used! Why are the words upside-down? Lets just say my original plan for hanging them didn't work and I had to flip them over. If it drives me crazy I will turn them so the words face the wall.  

A few hot glues clothes pins for important notes, pictures and a little love note:) and the area was complete. 

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  1. Buy cheap labels and just place them over your upside down words. $1 for like 70 of them at Wal-Mart. Avery labels!