Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love my boys

As my kids are getting a little older I am starting to think about things like when they move out..... If you open my recipe cabinet it looks like this. Pretty, I know. I know the what's what to this mess but if someone else wanted to cook one of my recipes they wouldn't be able to. I do a dash of this or an eyeball amount of that. I decided that when my kids move out I wanted to be able to send a recipe book with them. My mom did this for me and my siblings and I love it. I decided to jump a little ahead of myself and start putting my folder together now. Garrett is almost 15 so I have 3 years (ya, right) to get it all together. here are my rules. 1. We must love the recipe. @. We had to have eaten it a few times. 3. it must be one the kids like and would want to take with them. I started by pulling out all my recipes and getting them in order. 
I found this super cute recipe book online for $10. It's sturdy and did I mention CUTE! Its a binder so it will be easy to add to and adjust as needed. Each section is labels and has a little pocket to tuck things into. 

It came with these cute pages to write your recipes on. It had 15 so I took them to the local copy store and had them color copy the pages for me so I have plenty of cute pages to add to the book. 
I got a nice marker and started adding to my book. It will take a bit to get all the recipes written but once I do all I have to do is photocopy the pages and make new binders for whoever wants them. Just another way to organize my life. 

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