Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mirror frame and a minor dilemma!

We have a basic big old contractors mirror in our master bath. I decided I wanted to change it but with a budget and not wanting to patch and mess with the wall and vanity if I removed it I decided to frame it out. Here is the before. Boring!
I started by cutting edges at an angle using my chop saw (Is that what it's called?) I pre drilled little holes for the screws in the corners of all of the pieces. 

Followed by a larger drill so that I would be able to sink the screws in and cover them with wood filler once it was up. I applies a strong adhesive to the back of the piece of wood and held it in place, leveled it out to make sure it was straight and drilled the screws into the premade holes. Added a little tape to make sure it wouldn't slide at all while it dried and that was it. Did all 4 sides with 45 degree cuts and the perfect frame.

The finished frame, except for paint. 
So here is my dilemma and the part that I ask for a little input. I painted the frame a deep brown and I painted part of the vanity a deep brown. I got two sections of the mirror up before I started to freak out a little. We are adding oiled bronze knobs, light fixture and faucets down the road. I painted our old towels holder the bronze spray paint. The mirror frame on our closets, the tile and shades are all white. We will have light tan paint instead of the yellow but I want to know if you think the vanity and mirror should be crisp white to match the details in the bathroom or if the deep brown will look nice with all the deep bronze? Here is the knob we are using. What do you think? help!
knob against brown

our white mirror frames and tile. You can see the dark vanity that I started and freaked on. 
the knob against white. 
the bronzed details. 

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