Friday, April 13, 2012

New faucet

I woke up this morning and in the process of making lunches for the kids I broke the kitchen faucet. Boo! We were planning on replacing it but not yet. No handle means no dishes, I was ok with that but I had a feeling the family might not be. This also gave me the chance to get the silver out and bring in more bronze. Yay! 
A few things about changing a faucet
1. if you have boobs, under the sink isn't the easiest place to fit. I am just saying. 
2. Be prepared to get wet and dirty. Under the sink is gross. 
3. Boobs, wet and dirty all in one post, this isn't sounding like a kid friendly post. Hmm!
So after 2 trips to the store on a super rainy day here is the new sink! 
The only problem was the light fixtures in the room didn't match anymore. A can of spray paint (Rustolium of course) and the old light fixtures are given new life. 
The only problem we came across was an extra hole in the sink. The second trip to Home Depot was to get this nifty sink hole cover. It was white but a little spray paint and she's all matchy matchy. 

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