Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My new bathroom faucet

I have a new bathroom faucet and I love it! Here is the after. Isn't it pretty? Tell me that isn't a total farmhouse sink. Now for my fun story on how I got my fun new sink. 
Here is my before sink. Nothing wrong with it except that I doesn't match any of the bronzed stuff we are adding to the rest of the room. I knew that I wanted an oiled bronze sink but they are expensive. I have been keeping my eye out on craigslist and ebay but nothing. 
I love Lowes and HomeDepot because they have an end cap typically in the back of the store with scratch and dent items. I looked at 3 stores and on the 4th store I found not only the color that I wanted but the exact faucet I wanted. With a price tag of $159.00 there was no way I was paying full price. I found one that had a scratch that had been marked to $119.00 still a little to much for me. I found the head of the department and asked if he could tell me if all the pieces were there. He dug around and said it was in fact missing a bolt. He told me he would give me the faucet for $40 because it was scratched and missing a part. heck ya! 
We walked over to the bolts and nuts and after a bit of not finding one I asked him if he could put in on hold for me while I researched if it was a special bolt. He put it on hold and I went about my day. I talked to my husband who said we should be able to find a bolt or something to make it work. I went back to the store to buy my faucet. 
When I found the guy that was holding the faucet for me he said that he had looked more after I left and still couldn't find the bolt. He said that since he thought I would have to special order the bolt from the comapny and because it had been on clearance since Sept. 5th that he just wanted it gone and would give me the faucet for $20. He walked me to the front to ring me up and after tax he gave me the faucet for $14. I got a $159.00 faucet for $14 because I was super nice and looked for a manager to talk with. I was so excited. 
I took the faucet home and showed my husband. As we were looking for a bolt or way to jimmy rig it to work we looked through the box at the other parts and tucked under the cardboard flap at the bottom was the special bolt that we thought the set was missing. Happy Birthday to me! You know I got right to work on getting that bad boy installed. There are a few scratches on the sink but nothing huge and I am thinking of trying automotive paint to cover the scratch. That being said here is how I put in the sink. 

Scratched on the handle. Nothing I can't fix. Plus are they really that noticeable? 
Since the faucet didn't come with directions on how to install it I started my project by checking out my favorite site, youtube. I typed in the type of faucet I bought and wrote install and this video popped up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeZwva0XYKU it explained exactly how to take out the old one and install the new one. How cool is that? The fun part of the project was fitting my not size 2 body in this hole.
Anyways 40 min. and a neck kink later and here is my pretty new sink in action. I follow the video and it wasn't super easy but it was pretty easy. Definitely better to install it myself vs. paying a minimum of $150 for a plumber to install it. 


  1. Love your can do - there are no obstacles spirit. It reminds me of your of your great grandmother Hodges. I am really enjoying reading your posts and seeing the pics. Thank you for the b-days wishes.
    Auntie Pam

    1. Thanks you! I am assuming you are talking about my Great Grandma Alice? I never go the chance to meet her but she is my namesake. I have a great background of cool woman to follow like my Grandma Mary. Thanks again!

  2. Ali, your new faucet is so pretty! Yep, changing your faucet is a great way to match the total theme of your bathroom. You can never go wrong with bronze. Best of all, you installed it yourself. Talk about bragging rights. Hehehe.

    -Earlene Mroz

  3. Get outta here, it doesn't look like a total farmhouse sink. :P Actually, I find it better than your previous one. Faucets that have lever handles are easy to grasp and turn. As a matter of fact, they are especially suitable for people with various physical disabilities. :) Who knows? You might have a guest or a visitor who has a disability one day. Wouldn’t it be great if he/she would feel much accommodated by your own bathroom?

    Darcy Wallingford

  4. Classic! Though I must agree with Darcy that your new faucet doesn't make for a total farmhouse sink, but it's still one of the coolest I've ever seen.. Meanwhile, I hope it hasn't leaked and cause your bathroom to flood. Anyway, do you have it checked regularly for leaks? As for me, I do a regular water pipe and faucet check and leave the rest to the plumber. BTW, what do you do to keep it from leaking? Keep us updated. :)

    ->Darryl Lorio