Monday, February 20, 2012

Dryer repair made easy

Last week I put a load of clothes in my dryer and it started making the most annoying noise in the world. I posted a video above so you can hear it and understand why my kids wouldn't let me do laundry when they were home. It honestly was so loud I got a headache and couldn't do laundry while I was home either. I went outside and you could hear the screeching 3 houses away. 
I am a little nutty when it comes to fixing things. I find screws and take them apart without a thought. I think my husband thinks I am nuts when he comes home from work to this.
I called a few repair guys and got an estimate of $150 to $200 depending on what the problem was. I got the guy to go into a little detail about how long the repair would take and as he explained what the problem was he told me the parts that would need to be replaced. I love when repair guys go into detail because if you listen you will know the part name and be able to do what I did. I looked up where the part was and sure enough it looked like this. This is supposed to have 2 glides on each side and not be cracked. Mine was cracked and all 4 glides were gone. 

I when onto  I typed the part names into the search box so I knew exactly what I needed. I also looked on youtube for videos of other people fixing the problem. I found this one that was the exact problem and the lady explained exactly how to fix it. I followed her directions and voila! 

My dryer is all fixed. The best part is all the parts I needed with shipping were $32!!!! I saved $150 ish dollars by taking 15 minutes to do it myself. Now I am off to do some much needed laundry!

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