Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Those darn stairs again.

I spent a chunk of last night getting another section of the stairs prepped and ready for the journey or carpet to wood! I don't mind doing it a little at a time and I am glad I did it this way vs. 4 hours of sitting on my knees.
We took a piece of scrap wood and laid it down to get a better idea of the color we are going to do. We like it but I think we want a little more red brown for the actual color we are going to use on the final project. We have also decided that we are for sure going to use the wainscoting on the front of the stairs. Here is a picture of the painted farm style stairs with the molding painted a crisp white and the wall the color we are thinking of using, a light tan that in the halls and less sunny spots shows more dark. What do you think?

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