Friday, February 24, 2012

The downstairs hallway

Today's little project was painting the hallway and ripping out the old baseboards. Here is the before baseboards. Aren't they pretty (beat up that is) I removed them by popping a flat head screwdriver behind them, a tap from a hammer and a little arm strength. I will do a how to soon on that.
After with clean paint! I love the color now that I have a giant chunk of the house painted with it. It looks dark in some areas and lighter in others. 
Ali tried to tackle baseboards without any help and we will just say that Shawn and I will be working together to finish them soon:) You get a general idea of what the final look will be once they are done. I got the angles right but I used the old baseboards as a guide and they were the wrong size. The good thing is they were to big so it will be a matter of trimming them a bit and using a brad gun to attach them. I am great with saws and all power tools but I have never used a brad gun. I want Shawn to show me before I try to use it.

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