Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laundry closet redo

I already organized the laundry room but I was tired of the peeling boarder. Off it came. Replace the contractors white with clean white and add the tan color we chose to the walls. Our laundry room gets really dark so I added a $6 plus in light to the wall and took out the old nail hooks and replaced them with $1 bronze hooks to hang things on. Clean and organized. We did order new laundry room doors since our old ones are now shutters but they won't be here for another 10 days. I am so happy with the clean look. Love it! Total for the project $9. We had the paint already and I had the vinyl from my spice jars back in January. Isn't it nice? Tomorrow I am painting the hall and getting all the white trim on the doors finished off. I am hoping to have this little section of the house done very soon. 
Bye bye boarder. 
Get rid of the hanging rod where clothes go and NEVER leave
Added vinyl signs to the wall and soap jar. 

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