Friday, February 17, 2012

More stair prep

The hubby liked the wood on the stairs!!! I decided that even if I can't complete the stair project yet I could do all the prep work. I spend about an hour today doing the stairs up to the landing. I learned that I need to wear gloves after stabbing and scratching me hands to death. I got all the way to the landing and plan to get a little more done this weekend. I am laying the carpet back down over the stairs to avoid splinters on feet or having to look at the grossness. I am thinking I will have them all stripped of a million nails and ready for wood not to long after we complete the doors. Now I just have to save up to buy the other doors and we will be good to go. A little at a time and I will have my dream house in a few years. The idea of doing it all ourselves and having it the style we love it super awesome feeling.

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