Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hello and welcome to the California farmhouse! This blog is about the adventure of turning our 1980's California track house into our dream home, our California farm house. I decided to move my  old blog to a new one because it became really clear to me that all of my wild ideas were going to take well over one year.
About out little family.
I am Ali. I am a California born and raised girl who loves to do home renovations. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 boys. We got very lucky and bought our first home in a great neighborhood in 2006. I have always looked at certain houses or gone to certain places and dreamed of living there. We have said a million times that we would love to live out of state. Well, it has come to reality that since I am going to be in California for the rest of my life it was time to stop dreaming and make my dream house here in the home I already own.
I was raised in a house that had a country feel with wonderful antiques, baskets, vintage paintings and other amazing items that I always loved. When I got my first place with my husband in the 1990's everything was country blue. I think our dishes, bedspread, etc. were all the same blue. It was everywhere. My style or what I thought was my style has gone through modern, french, classic, etc. I have always gone back to the country feel of my mom's house and loved it. I for some reason thought of country as a bad word when it came to decorating. It made me envision country blue,  gross fake flowers, a wooden chicken, etc. I am starting to learn that Country isn't a bad word at all if you make it what you want it to be.
My style is what I call country farmhouse meets cottage. I like light, bright, cheery, curtains that blow in the breeze, a quilt over the arm of the couch a book open to save it's place on the side table of the bed, fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, you get the feeling.
I live in this house.
We do not ever have snow. This was the one and only time it has ever snowed in Southern California my entire life. I could have posted a better picture but that would require me going outside on a rainy morning in my pajamas. Nope!
You get the point from the picture. We live in a track neighborhood where all of the houses look the same. I love the area but to be honest I drove past my house all the time when we first moved in because it is just another tan house on a street of tan houses. We have a flag for each season that hangs outside now to let people know it's our house.
Anyways, we have lived in our house for 6 years and in that time we have simply lived in it. We keep it clean and have painted a few rooms but the bones of the house are the original 1989 bones. We have a few closets that are still drywall with no paint ever. The house is awesome and I am so glad we bought it but it is time to make it ours!
I started with the idea of a project a day on 2012 but here it is early February and I am loving redoing things so much and have so many ideas that I decided to make not only a 2012 blog but a long tern blog for making our house into the house we envision. I am thinking of using the blog not only to document my journey but also for inspiration pictures and ideas. I am having so much fun and to look back at what we have done will be awesome. So with that being said I hope you enjoy the blog and all of the craziness that comes with it.
Thanks for reading,
Ali B.

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