Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy birthday to me I have new lights

It's an annual tradition on my birthday for my mother in law to take me shopping for my gift. I got to go today! Its always a blast. I think my mother in law was a little caught off guard when I didn't want to go buy clothes or jewelry but wanted to go to the hardware store. I have been looking for new lights that match our new doors. We had so much fun and it was great to get an opinion that wasn't mine. Shawn loves to go shopping and pick certain things but I knew lights were one of the things I would be ok doing without him. We went to two stores and it took a but but we found lights that were the oiled bronze like the doors with a glass color that let out a ton of white light. I am thrilled with them especially since they aren't the ones I tried to paint white since I hated the brass. So here are the before and after. I must warn you that it's a little hard to take a picture of a light when it's on. What do you think? Simple and kind of cottage/country looking. Thanks to my mother in law for the beautiful new lights. I love them!

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