Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making old things work

After replacing the doorknobs and light fixtures in the rest of the house our white light fixture and silver towel and toilet paper roll holder in the guest bathroom looked off. I looked at a few new lights and decided that I love the one I have. I decided that since it had been spray painted white I would paint it again. Here is the white fixture. I forgot to take a before picture of it up.
Spray paint in bronze to match everything. 

Here are the toilet paper holder and towel holder. Since silver isn't the look we wanted anymore I will get rid of it. I dusted them off with a wet rage and that was it. I got some spray paint and went to town. I put a piece of paper in the light socket hole and covered the wires so they wouldn't get paint on them. 

After- Don't they look great? If I would have purchased a new light, and accessories I would have spent at least $100. I paid $1.32 for each new knob for the vanity and $4 for the paint. For under $9 I got the exact look I wanted and I spent next to nothing. Love it! Now all I need is a new faucet when I find a good deal and I will have a completed bathroom. 

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