Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day fun, putting my kids to work.

Love the after. No more 1980's orange oak. The splinters and peeling varnish are gone. I wish I had a before close up of the rail, it was downright unsafe. You couldn't grad the first section without getting wood in your hand.
What a difference a few hours and a bunch of paint can make. or Mother's day my boys, Hubby and I spent the day painting all of my stair spindles, stairs, railing, cabinets and trim in the entire stair area and upstairs hall. I am so tired but the result is so clean and pretty. To have my kids help was of course interesting but they are so much fun. Now the stairs are totally ready for our wood stair project. That carpet will be GONE!!!
We added hooks in the hall by the kids rooms so they have coat hooks. 
We added new hinges and knobs to out linen closet. Now if the stupid hermit crab didn't live in my hall I would be a happy person. I would love some vintage mason jars in the pale teal on that little shelf or a vintage pitcher and other cute trinkets. Oh and the carpet. I cleaned it a week ago with a steam cleaner and it is beyond nasty. The hubby and I both agree it needs to go. Now to start saving the $1000 plus that it will take to do it. I can't wait to get the stairs done, the rest of the doors done upstairs and clean, fresh, non stained, non smelling carpet. Hey, at least the walls and rails, etc. look Amazing! Happy Mothers day to me:)

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