Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living room small redo and my Mother's day gift.

One of the benefits of people knowing you redo and fix furniture is they give you stuff. Sometimes this backfires and you get crap but today my neighbor gave me this little white dresser. It was filthy and has paint scratches and a broken drawer but it was exactly the right size to put next to our couch and happened to be a place we have been looking for something anyways.So here it is. This was after a good scrub down. 
Also tell me how great of a match it is to the dresser we got from our good friends? Funny, right? 
For Mother's day my kids and hubby got me a new rug. I loved our other rug a ton but it was a braided rug and was falling apart. I was over sewing it with fishing line to try to save it so the new one was a welcome treat. The bad and good thing was I HAD to buy new pillow to go with it, right? Yes, the answer is yes. So when I was out getting new pillows I found a cute little ottoman for $30 on clearance. It fits great as a little extra seat on the wall. Love! But this evil little thing lead me to a room redo of sorts. New pillows, a new little end table freebie, new pillows that were on clearance and the rug of course and I have a new feeling room. Isn't it pretty? We also painted the coffee table a few weeks back, as well as the little table on the side of the couch. All of the furniture matches now and I think it looks great. The best part is I have a new pretty room for my recovery time in July. 
Last but not lease I had to show off my laundry room since I updated it a bit. I found this sign at Kirkland's for super cheap and decided I had to replace the vinyl. The vinyl was cute but Ali didn't think about water and moisture going with stickers. Much better to be framed. I also added an old place mat to cap off the cute stuff. Nothing major but it is something. 

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