Sunday, September 23, 2012

She's back....sort of.

Hey everyone. It has been 3 months since I was able to post last. This summer was a little wild. Major surgery in June and an entire summer of re cooperation. I was hoping for a 6 week recovery and it turned into 10 weeks. I am back to most things that I do in normal life but things like lifting are still a no-no. I have taken to doing smaller projects while I let my body heal a little more. Hopefully those darn stairs get done soon.
I found this cute vintage vanity chair at a local antique store for $18. I thought it had great bones and it was really sturdy for being over 60 years old. It came home and I made a plan.
I started by taking the chair seat off and priming and painting the whole thing white. Once it was dry I decided to use an old piece of burlap to cover the seat. I laid it over the seat and stapled it to the bottom so that it would hold tight. Once I got the seat covered I took a $4 twin sheet from good old Walmart and decided to make a little skirt out of it. I did this by cutting it to the length I wanted, I used it long ways so that I could make it a no sew project. I stapled the skirt to the seat base and made folds so that it added a pleated look. It took a few minutes to staple it all together and it gave it a whole new look. 

A few things from around the house, some paint on the shelf, pictures that I had framed and in a closet and a whole new entry way. We knew we wanted a shelf for keys and things, a basket for shoes, some hooks for jackets and what not, and something cute to cover an ugly security keypad (it's under the pictures) We love the country/cottage look that we ended up with.

Thanks for check in, 
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    1. Sure, what the best email to reach you? Let me know and I will shoot you an email. You can also post anything here if that is easier.

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